Without-words-without by Jose Rainer-Rimonim Art gallery

Without Words, Without by Jose Rainer.  Mixed media, 30 x 30 inches, 76 x 76 cm.

Art 4 U

October 27 to November 11, 2016

This exhibition features paintings by a group of international artists represented by Rimonim: Omar Arraez (Spain) , Paul Arts (Uruguay), Alexander Berdysheff (Republic of Georgia), Carlos Leon (Peru), Victor Montoya (Argentina) and Jose Rainer (Argentina)

As an opening to the Miami Art Season 2016, Rimonim decided to do something different in this exhibition. We carefully selected high quality paintings with prices that are within reach of many people and surely will enjoy every day. Not less important, these artworks have real potential of growing in their market value. These paintings are not cheap, are affordable.

Taste of the Future

Twenty artists that participated in the exhibition Personal Structures during the 56th Venice Biennale were invited to participate in this itinerant exhibition, organized by the the group “Dutchartists”

All the artists were asked to make a unique piece of art with one condition: it should fit in a “PIZZA box”

The exhibition will be shown from November 17 to December 8, 2016.

Marc Abele (Germany)
Bruce Barber (New Zealand)
Maartje Blans (Nederlands)
Iris Dostal (Austria)
Andras Gal (Hungary)
Beatriz Gerenstein (Argentina-USA)
Valerie Ghoussaini (France)
Kimberly Gundle (South Africa)
Maureen E. Harrison (Canada)
Lisette Huizenga (Nederlands)
Karen Lemmert /Manifold Design (USA)
Norma E Lopez (Columbia-USA)
Lili Navoli and (Germany)
Houria Niati (Algeria)
Daniel Pešta (Czech Republic)
Daniel Schär (Czech Republic)
Jonathan Shimony (USA)
Jesko Willert (Germany)
Arnix Wilnoudt (Nederlands)

Pulse Miami

We invite you to visit our booth (S215) at Pulse Miami during the Miami Art Basel Week.

This exhibition, part of PULSE-Conversation program will feature works by two well known artists, participating in many high quality exhibitions, as several editions of the Venice Biennale: Rene Rietmeyer (Netherlands) and Beatriz Gerenstein (Argentina -USA)

The ehibition will be held at Indian Beach Park, 4601 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140

PULSE Miami Beach is located at Collins Avenue and 46th Street right next to the Eden Roc Hotel and with direct access from the beach and boardwalk

Open Tuesday to Fridays, 2 – 6 pm or by appoinment

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