Represented Artists

On Focus artists

Rimonim’s project “On Focus” offers to a selected group of artists a venue to show their creations in a curated environment, both in the gallery and art fairs.
The artists “On Focus” could be emergent, mid-career or already well-known, but they share a common denominator: the high quality of their contemporary artworks.

Marc Abele (Germany)
Marta Ares (Argentina)
Paul Arts (Uruguay)
Bruce Barber (New Zealand)
Maartje Blans (The Netherlands)
Norberto Carating (Philippines)
Iris Dostal (Austria)
Maikel Domínguez (Cuba)
Roberto Estopinan (Cuba)
Andras Gal (Hungary)
Valerie Ghoussaini (France)
Kimberley Gundle (South Africa)

Maureen E. Harrison (Canada-UK)
Lisette Huizenga (Netherlands)
Etsuko Ichikawa (Japan USA)
Seema Kolhi (India)
Karen Lemmert & David Naill /Manifold Design (USA)
Norma, Lopez (Columbia-USA)
Victor Montoya (Argentina)
Una Moehrke (Germany)
Lili Nalŏvi and Jesko Willert (Germany)
Houria Niati (Algeria)
Daniel Pešta (Czech Republic)

Gabriela Robin (Chile)
Jonathan Shimony (USA-France)
Andrea Sole-Costa Argentina – Italy)
Ruben Santurian (Uruguay – USA)
Montserrat Urgel (Argentina)
Jean Luc Virard “Boun”.
herman de vries (Netherlands-Germany)
Daniel Schär (Switzerland) 
Carlos Tirado (Venezuela)
Dörte Wehmeyer (Germany)
Arnix Wilnoudt (Netherlands)
Yuri Zatarain (Mexico)