Alexander Berdysheff, Biography

A contemporary surrealist, Alexander Berdysheff paintings establish a dialog between humor and satire with a clear denounce of wars, political persecution, and worldwide corruption. His artworks are a combination of often-distorted objects, with pure abstract forms and textural components. Images of political conflicts, civil wars and racial cleansing in east Europe influenced significantly Berdysheff artwork. They coexist beyond any physical or logical limits, revealing the invisible tension and eternal struggle between or inside all forms of matter and giving rise to doubt in the reality of the visible. Chaos and deformation on the one hand and sharp lines with precisely rendered details on the other remain the base of his aesthetic concepts.

Berdysheff had exhibitions in many public institutions, like the The Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh, Scotland, Azerbaijan National, Museum of Art, in Baku, Azerbaijan, the Georgian National Museum, the Tbilisi State History Museum, the Achara Art Museum in Batumi, Achara, the Karvasla Tbilisi State History Museum, in Georgia, Karmelklooster, Drachten in  the Netherlands and the Central House of the Artists, in Moscow, Russia.

Alexander Berdysheff (born in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, 1964) received a Graphic Design degree at the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts and an MFA at Glasgow School of Art (UK). Berdysheff lives and works in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia