Beatriz Gerenstein

15th Venice Architecture Biennale

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The exhibition is held at the Palazzo Mora, 3659 Strada Nuova, Venice, Italy

May 28 until November 27, 2016

Gerenstein”s  “Couple, two chairs, one sculpture” is shown at the 2nd floor of the 400 years old Palazzo Mora

Couple, Two Chairs, One Sculpture

Beatriz Gerenstein is participating in “Time -Space-Existence“, an official exhibition of the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 organized by the European Cultural Centre

Gerenstein presents one installation composed by two pieces of artistic chairs. It is titled “Couple, Two Chairs, One Sculpture” and was designed in base of one of her bronze sculptures in the series Soul Mates, titled “Couple“. These artistic chairs were made with an original combination of exotic woods and were designed and produced by Gerenstein in Italy with state of the art 3D technology, software, printing and milling