Carlos Leon

Carlos Leon (born in Peru, 1967) is a contemporary painter that lives and works in Trujillo, Peru. His aesthetic proposal receives the contributions of pre-Columbian art of the northern coast of Peru, especially the stone sculpture. Carlos Leon artwork maintains an enduring dialog between the remnants of the Inca culture in the Peruvian mountains with the contemporary art that is the signature of our times. It is a metaphor for the artist perception of the history of his people.

Carlos Leon paintings were exhibited in many galleries, cultural centers and museums around the world. Among many others, he participated in the London Biennale at Chelsea, London UK, the Florence Biennale, Firenze Italy, the 1st Biennale do Mediterraneo, Lisbon, Portugal, the Ethnographic National Museum, La Paz, Bolivia, the Chianciano Museum, Italy, the intercontinental Biennale of Indigenous Art, Quito, Ecuador, at the Museum of the State University of Mexico and the Museum of Modern Art, Cusco, Peru. His paintings are part of many institutional and private collections in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and many European countries.