Josephine Turalba, Biography

Josephine Turalba work is an emotionally touching and spiritual social commentary on the political discourse of war and bearing arms. Touched by a personal tragedy of gun violence in her natal Philippines, Turalba decided not to dramatically depict violence in her work but to focus on the dynamics of the infliction: the instrument of violence, the mode, the target, and the effect of the hit – as if to show the visceral perspective. In Turalba’s works, the victims of violence are mere suggestions, and where depicted, a trace.
Turalba is continuously intrigued by the struggle of wealth and power brought about by war and peace, in particular how victims of violence are only ‘collateral damage’ in the race for control, whether one is for or against a ‘gun culture’ that continues to proliferate.
Her preferred mediums are used shotgun shells and bullets, which stand as a visceral metaphor for violence that translates into healing
The sandal creations made of bullet shells presented at exhibition Time Space Existence during the 56th Venice Biennale reflect on the connection of pain and beauty, simulating collective spaces, like nations today with shared histories of colonialism, dictatorship and all sorts of subjugation seen in the 20th century
Josephine is an interdisciplinary installation artist who incorporates video, sculpture, performance and sound into her artworks.
Born in Manila, Philippines in 1965 where she lives and works, Josephine Turalba holds an M.F.A. degree in New Media and Digital Arts from, Transart Institute, New York and Donau-Universität Krems, Austria, and a B.A. in Psychology from University of the Philippines, Diliman.