Marcello Martinez Vega, Biography

Macello Martinez VegaMarcello Martinez-Vega’s paintings and sculptures are an intense combination of dynamic color juxtaposed with abstract line and form. His work embodies a vibrant energy seen through his bold color choice. His plexiglass sculpture, “The Oak Leaf” is a perfect example of his use of shape line and color to create a vibrant neo-pop postmodern sculpture adorned with detailed line. His painting, “The Sho”, like all Vega’s work, draws on the viewer’s emotional strength as it personifies human emotion through strong action brushwork and contemporary abstraction. Martinez Vega was born on1962 in Ibarra, Ecuador. He studied sculpture and painting at the College of Plastic Art Daniel Reyes, in San Antonio de Ibarra and the Faculty of Plastic Art at The Central University of Ecuador in Quito. He completed his studies in art at the University of Havana, Cuba. He lives and works in Freiburg, Germany

Marcelo Martinez Vega in "Personal Structures 2017", Venice Italy