Omar Arraez, Biography

Omar ArraesOmar Arraez’s use of purposefully wrinkling his paper creates a dramatic effect, totally different of the already seen. The effect of the light in the paper folds produces shadows that give texture, life, and energy to the expression of his subjects’ faces.  In his “paper portraits,” Arraez draws images of unknown, humble and aged people from around the world. These papers are marked by a profound sense of humanity.  

Arraez’s big format prints of his series “Apnea” depict young women submerge in water, swimming, playing or just relaxing. The magic of these photograms contains plenty of sparks and shadows produced by the reflection in the moving water and are delicately erotic, where Arraez creates a vibrant and balanced aesthetic reality.

Omar Arraez attended the Accademia di Bella Arti di Roma and obtained an MFA from the School of Art, Universidad de Barcelona. The artist was born in 1986 in Spain and currently lives and works close to Alicante, Spain