Omar Arraez

Omar Arraez is an emergent Spaniard artist (born in 1986). He lives and works close to Alicante, Spain. He attended the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma and obtained a MFA from the School of Art, Universidad de Barcelona.

His work is marked with a profound sense of humanity and awareness of the body. There is a subtle presence of intertextuality through his use of medium and location.

Arraez portraits of unknown, humble and aged people from around the world are totally different of the already seen. He, like many other artists, uses paper and charcoal as well as occasional traces of paint or inks. However, is his unique technique of purposeful wrinkling the paper that placed him in a different level. The effect of the light in the folds produces textures, sparks and shadows that and gives life and energy to the expression of the faces.

Arraez big format prints, depicting obvious but imprecise young women, reaches the monochromatic minimalism. The images are plenty of sparks and shadows produced by the reflection in the moving water. They are fresh and delicately erotic. It is the humanism in the credo of the artist what produces a vibrant equilibrium and aesthetic balance.