Orly Aviv

Orly Aviv is an Israeli Digital Artist whose diverse work incorporates a number of different media: photography, video, installation, sculpture and sounds. Her artistic approach evokes meditative thoughts on time and duration, and place and space. Orly Aviv draws inspiration from seascape, nature and urban landscape.

Dealing with themes of the ocean, ecology and sustainability, Orly works according to the ancient Aboriginal belief that one’s spirit remains eternally imprinted in nature, which is why she doesn’t work on a set or use props; she photographs her imaginative, artistic and emotional vision as it appears in nature. Finding symbolism for her messages of optimism, energetic engagement, and individualism, Orly is drawn to nature because it is the most accessible, but often forgotten or degraded, tool to available to all of us. As a mathematician, computer scientist, brain researcher and an artist, Orly attempts to convey these important messages using the most innovative editing and photo manipulation techniques, allowing her to convey the deep and primal messages of nature in striking, visceral images.

She holds a dual BA in Mathematics and Political Science from Bar-Ilan University, Israel, a MSC in Information Systems from Tel Aviv University and a MFA in Media from Slade, UCL, London, UK. She is currently a researcher in Brain science at Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center, Bar-Ilan University.