From Venice to Miami

Beatriz Gerenstein, Norma E Lopez, Marcello Martinez Vega, Rene Rietmeyer and Josephine Turalba.

November 28, 2015 to January 22, 2016

From Venice to Miami is an exhibition of unquestionable aesthetic and cultural significance. Here, works of five artists who participated in the important exhibition Personal Structures (during the 56th edition of the Venice Biennale) are combined to discuss core issues regarding the human conditions of all times: happiness, love, religion, violence of modern societies, the fate or destiny of women…

Beatriz Gerenstein displays a beautiful sculpture entitled “The Third Partner”, with which she speaks of the spiritual, omnipresent and divine force that accompanies us in each of our actions. The third partner is an intangible element, which is beyond the physical universe. It is an energy, an act of faith. This work discusses the importance of light and reflections on the material: the true enlightened human beings are those who are able to repay all the light they receive.

Another spectacular piece in the exhibition is the one entitled “Conversations of Angels” by Josephine Turalba. In this case the artist emphasizes the manual, artisanal and intimate work through materials such as shotgun, shell casings, leather. All this, coupled with the presence of two female figures, talks about gender violence and relations of power and domination in an asymmetrical world.

Marcello Martinez Vega presents an interesting neo-expressionist painting, in which he appropriates the biblical legend of original sin to parody or satirize classic symbolic figures of Adam, Eve, the apple and the serpent. It is a mundane appropriation of myth, an attempt to humanize and demystify the biblical legacy. There are more questions than empathic feelings in this irreverent work.

Norma Lopez shows a large format paper with abstract features and great predominance of the gesture and narrative synthesis. Seductive piece, where nothing is superfluous and nothing lacking. The figure-ground relationship, the treatment of pictorial space and the use of the color gamut, are virtues that stand out in this fabulous proposal.

Finally, Rene Rietmeyer proposes an aesthetic based on minimalism and abstraction, through meritorious sculptural installations. Among the materials most used by the artist, can be mentioned: concrete, metal, glass, silicone, glue and oil paint. They are works in which the empty space plays a key role. Rene is interested in investigating the complex relationships between time, space and existence.

Definitely, five artists, five glances, five worldviews and a common concern: the relationship between human beings and worlds (physical or spiritual) around them. That is the essence of this exhibition.

Píter Ortega
Curator and Art Critic