Taste the Future

A worldwide, itinerant exhibition of unique artworks by twenty-six international artists who participated in the exhibition“Personal Structures” during the 56th Venice Biennale, 2015. The artists  were invited to participate by the group “The Dutchartists”  and  asked to make a unique artwork with just one condition: it should fit in a “PIZZA BOX”.

November 17 to December 8, 2016


Marc Abele (Germany)
Orly Aviv, (Israel)
Bruce Barber (New Zealand)
Maartje Blans (Netherlands)
Norberto Carating (Philippines)
Iris Dostal (Austria)
Andras Gal (Hungary)

Beatriz Gerenstein (Argentina-USA)
Valerie Ghoussaini (France)
Kimberley Gundle (South Africa)
Maureen E. Harrison (Canada)
Lisette Huizenga (Netherlands)
Seema Kolhi (India)

Karen Lemmert & David Naill /Manifold Design (USA)
Norma, Lopez (Columbia-USA)
Una Moehrke (Germany)
Lili Nalŏvi and Jesko Willert (Germany)
Houria Niati (Algeria)

Daniel Pešta (Czech Republic)
Daniel Schär (Switzerland)
Jonathan Shimony (USA-France)
herman de vries (Netherlands-Germany)
Dörte Wehmeyer (Germany)
Arnix Wilnoudt (Netherlands)