The World Inside Out

Beatriz Gerenstein

February 21 to April 31, 2016

Beatriz Gerenstein (b. Argentina) is a profoundly humanistic artist. In such a world we live in, full of wars and selfishness, physical and symbolic violence, political cynicism and constant threats to the environment and to the human species, Beatriz has chosen to speak of spirituality and kindness. Her beautiful sculptures made of bronze and stainless steel are a celebration of peace and soul transparency. The artist believes art is the vehicle that makes us aware of our mistakes and helps us grow as human beings. For her, art is the best redemption of the human race.

This is why she focuses on topics such as “wisdom”, “harmony of peoples”, the relationship between body and spirit, the birth of life, the importance of support and unity, the transcendence of “karma”, the relevance of numerology, our relationship with the universe, the value of time and memory, the links between rational and animal instinct, among many other topics of great philosophical interest. She accomplishes all of this with an undeniable technical mastery and metallurgical skills.

The exhibition consists of works from one of the most successful series by the artist: “Circle of Light”. As the name implies, the sculptures in this series are based on the figure of circle and its symbolism as fundamental element of significance. “A circle is closed in on itself, and therefore represents the unit at all, the perfection. The roundness is sacred because it is the most natural shape. It’s the form that contains other forms, the Cosmic Egg, the eternity. Physics recognizes this fact and has been able to explain why the planets or suns are spherical and are not cubic (square). The same applies to our cells, our atoms or our electrons” . Beatriz is a fervent admirer of the circle figure and its metaphorical derivations, especially its associations with motherhood, fertility, sensuality and the smoothness of its contours.

Probably, one of the most interesting works in the exhibition is the one titled “I Made It”. This represents a victorious man, proud of himself, since he has managed to transcend the earthly world and ascend to the spiritual dimension of existence. A beautiful journey into the “self”, to the depths of our “essence”. We can also do it, the artist seems to tell us. The secret is in the will.

Tranquility and fullness of spirit: these are the two key elements that define this exhibition, and speak of a very talented and creative artist, whose work is in its stage of greater maturity.

Píter Ortega
Curator and Art Critic